5 Benefits of Lemon Water


IMG_3105Every morning I start my day with a glass of lemon water. It is such a refreshing taste and drinking it first thing in the morning has many benefits.

1. Aids in Digestion and detoxification
It aids in digestion because the atomic structure in the lemons are similar to the digestive juices in the stomach. The liver loves lemons because it tricks the liver into producing bile. This helps move food through the body and gastrointestinal tract. You may find you need to use the bathroom more often because it is a mild diuretic and the urinary tract is getting rid of any unwanted elements.

2. It’s great for your skin
There are antioxidants in lemons that decrease blemishes and wrinkles! If you put lemon juice on scars, it may reduce their appearance. Since lemons are detoxifying, it can help make your skin look radiant.

3. Lemons are packed with vitamin C
Lemons have 187 percent of your daily recommended dose of vitamin C. Your body does not naturally produce vitamin C so it is important to get vitamin C from the food you ingest. When you get enough vitamin C, it stimulates white blood cell production. This in turn helps your immune system function properly, keeping colds and flu away!

4. Enhances your mood and energy
Take a pass on your morning coffee! Lemons give you that energy boost without the caffeine crash. There are negative-charged ions in lemons that enter your digestive tract and result in increased energy.

5. Lemons may prevent the growth and spread of cancer
Lemons are an anti-angiogenic food. Anti-angiogenesis means eating foods that prevent the formation of blood vessels that tumors need to grow. Lemons are a cancer-fighting food that cut off supply lines and beat cancer at its own game.

Grab a glass and squeeze a little juice in your warm water tomorrow morning! Enjoy!

*Ceramic cup made by Grace Ridge

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