5 Tips for Meal Prepping


img_2010Picture this: it’s Sunday night and the “Sunday Scaries” are just setting in. You’re getting anxious about the week ahead because you know you’ll barely have time to even do your laundry. Let alone, cook your food! It would be easy to go to the nearest fast food place and grab your dinner after your long Tuesday afternoon. Would it really be quicker? What if you could create a delicious dish in the same amount of time? Meal prepping not only saves time when you cook, it also saves money!

Plan your meals and shop ahead.

I like to create a list before I go to the grocery store. I decide what I am going to make throughout the week and buy ingredients I can use in multiple dishes. For example, I usually buy an onion because I use it in my salads during lunch and my eggs for breakfast. Onions are also great in stir fry! Most people shop on Saturday and Sunday making those days a zoo! Check out Wednesdays evenings instead. They are usually the least busy shopping day.

img_1998Slice your fruits and veggies.

I spend a little extra time one day a week cutting all my fruits and veggies for my meals. This makes it easy when I am in a bind for cooking or I need a healthy snack. I slice my apples so I can eat them with my peanut butter throughout the day. I make a big batch of hummus and use my sliced peppers, carrots, and cucumbers for dipping. I also dice my strawberries and bananas and throw them in the freezer so they’re ready for a smoothie bowl the next morning!

Make time to cook all at once.

Pick a day that works best for you to spend some extra time cooking. Sundays work best for most people for obvious reasons – you have extra time and usually you don’t have work. You’ll need about 2-3 hours to cook for the entire week! Roast your veggies so they’re ready to use in your dishes.

img_2008Double your recipe.

When I make a stir fry or a chicken dish, I double my portions. This gives me a little variety week to week when it comes down to my lunches. It also saves on time when I have a long day and want a nutritious meal for lunch the following day.

Freeze it!

Once you cook your meals and let them cool, toss them into a freezer bag. It’s important to let them cool before freezing the food because the heat can alter the temperature of the freezer causing the other foods to thaw and refreeze. This does not make for great texture. Label your dishes and reheat when you are ready to enjoy.

I like to switch up my recipes based on the season. Figure out a few new dishes to try and get cooking!

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