7 Simple Steps to Swerve Toward Your Dreams


7 Simple Steps to Swerve Toward Your Dreams

IMG_9272A runner doesn’t complete a race in one step. He gets a little bit closer to his finish line every time he places one foot in front of the other. People often wonder how on earth they will reach their destination when asked about future hopes and dreams. I challenge you to dedicate yourself to your passion. Start small and work toward your goal one stitch, I mean step at a time.

I sat down with a friend the other day and he told me he didn’t really enjoy his job. I simply asked him what he wanted to do instead. He wanted to develop a program that would enhance the speed of the daily tasks of his current job.

So I asked my friend what he was doing to get closer to developing this program.

  1. Dedicate time: If your boss scheduled a meeting, you would be there, probably early. Set the intention to carve out time each week to complete a task that gets you closer to your goal. Even one minute is better than none. As it becomes attainable, you can increase the time you spend on your journey.
  2. Sing it from the rooftop: Share your dreams. Tell your friends, family, whoever what you eventually wish to accomplish. People will hold you accountable. I know this because when I see old friends, they often ask, “how’s Ridge’s Stitches.” After putting it off for a little over a year, I started to become frustrated with myself when people would ask and my response would be the same for months. “I still need to find someone to make my leggings.”
  3. Write it and read it: Think of yourself in one month, six months, one year and five years. Write out what you hope to achieve during each time period. This will keep you focused and in line with your path. Write your goals down somewhere where you will see them often. Don’t forget to include things like health, relationships, and spirituality in addition to your career!
  4. Patience is a virtue: Things don’t happen overnight. Celebrate the small wins. Learn from the failures. Nothing gets done correctly the very first time every time.
  5. Set your priorities: Start saying, “it’s not a priority” instead of, “I don’t have time.” The truth is, we all have time. Every single one of us has 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week. What we decide to do with our time is our choice, so choose wisely.
  6. Don’t take anything personally: What anyone says or does has nothing to do with you. If you feel discouraged by another’s actions or words, remember it’s about them. People will tell you it cannot be done. Show them otherwise.
  7. Forget the fear: You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take. I asked my friend what made him think this program development would not work out. He sat there for a moment trying to think of a reason. His only reply was, “that’s a good question.”

So I told him, “for so long I kept putting off finding someone to create my leggings. I had the leggings done once before and they messed everything up. Deep down, I was probably afraid of the same thing happening again.”

Once I realized I could sew them myself and they wouldn’t be the quality I wanted, or I could trust that the universe has my back and one day I’d see my leggings on a stranger, I decided to take the plunge. I just had a call earlier that morning with a girl who lives in Chicago, studied apparel design in college, and is now in the process of developing a legging pattern! Can’t wait to see what’s in store. Literally!

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