A lesson from a one-year-old

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IMG_3438Cheer. A sound you hear when that basketball swooshes through the net to give your team a one point lead with less than three seconds left in the game. Cheer. An excitement in everyone’s voice when your cousin turns one and instead of singing “Happy Birthday,” “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” reverberates through the celebration.

As I sit here scratching down my thoughts on a napkin, I can’t contain my excitement. I begin to see cheer on my cousin’s face as she wavers between clapping her hands and wiping her eyes. I don’t know if she’s more excited about her first birthday or the fact that her crib is just a moment away.

But the light in her bright eyes reminds me to celebrate the small things. Like watching the sunset over the golf course as you walk in and notice a set of clubs warming up after a round at 31℉. Or the miracle that one of your yoga students can finally sit criss-cross-apple-sauce after six weeks of yoga only one time a week. It reminds me to celebrate the flow of life and the good things that have started to emerge.
Cheer radiates through my heart today when the worries I encountered yesterday completely dissolve. When the work that you have been putting in over the last few weeks finally starts to come to fruition, all you want to do is get up and dance. I grin ear to ear as this one year old shows me the meaning of cheer through her paddy cake hands and a little ebb and flow. Couldn’t we all learn a little something from these minions that have so much life to live?

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