garden nectar green juice

A drink straight from Mother Nature herself. The green juices from Earth & Skye Farm is sure to get your body into that post juice glow. Patti McPhillips grows her greens in Orland Park in her own suburban yard. It wasn’t always this way. She learned a valuable lesson of simplicity as she developed this magical elixir. McPhillips began her farming journey by leasing enough land (16 acres) to provide CSAs for many families. Her initial goal was to reach 300 families! McPhillips now grows greens in the comfort of her own yard to provide enough juice for the Green City Market and the market in Frankfurt, Illinois. She also sells her kale plants in the spring, kale through the season. She rotates the ingredients in the green juice depending on what is in season in the spring and the late summer.


Going “big” would have required her to become a manager of equipment and people. She knew in her soul that her mission was to build the spiritual connection with the food she was growing. Her heart spoke and told her to work with the land itself.


“The land has incredible things to offer us, to just enrich our lives, to help us be more human,” McPhillips states.


McPhillips made it a goal to share her neighborhood garden with the lovely people around. She had this six-foot fence that needed to be repaired. City codes required her to replace each slab one-by-one to keep the fence up. The construction man did not listen and took the entire fence down. Of course, the village inspector happened to be driving by and gave her a cease and desist letter. She freaked out until she realized that this lack of privacy was her greatest gift yet. If she wanted to show people to grow food, she realized that she couldn’t do it behind a fence.


“Sitting on the land and just being there. It enriched my life beyond imagination. I wanted to share that with people,” she says.


Catch her sharing her passion for greens at the Green City Market in Lincoln Park on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Her farm is named after her dog who has sky blue eyes. She is the earth. Mother Earth to be exact. Earth & Skye Farm’s Garden Nectar drink is filled with good energy, love, and is sure to nourish your soul. Taste buds too!

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