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AmethystAmethyst is the purple quartz stone you probably have seen before. It can actually range in color from reddish brown to yellow and even colorless depending on the temperature. It is found mostly in southern Brazil, Uruguay, and Madagascar, parts of Germany and Russia. This stone is good for fear and guilt, which makes it perfect for the Water element’s primary emotion of fear. The Greeks and Romans used it for protection against overindulgence in food and alcohol. This makes it a necessary stone for the holiday season! It strengthens the immune system and supports oxygenation in the blood. You can rub it on your head if you get a headache, place it under your pillow to combat insomnia and bad dreams. It is also incorporated in treatment for alcohol and drug addictions. This stone resonates with the third eye and crown chakra. It helps to provide clarity when there is confusion in the mind. It’s good for relieving stress and anxiety. Use it when traveling to provide extra protection. It is known as the “Traveler’s Stone!”

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