Black Tourmaline


IMG_7359This one is a new one in my collection of crystals but it’s pretty groovy. It comes in pretty much every color but the most common is black. It is found in the United States, Brazil, Africa, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka. It’s a nice protective shield against negative energies and fearful thoughts, acts as a grounding stone and protects you against frequencies transmitted through electromagnetic fields such as cell phones. It can aid in encouragement down your life path. It relates to the water energy, making it fitting for the winter months. Place it in the northern area of a space or the Career/Path in Life sector (such as an office) of your home. Write down your intentions on a piece of paper and set it underneath black tourmaline to manifest your wishes and remove energetic blockages. It can also serve as a barrier so that you do not take on someone else’s degrading energy. This is perfect for those relatives or other people you’re not too psyched to see!

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