Candied jalapeños


candied jalapenosIf you’re trying to give your tastebuds a spicy kick, these candied jalapeños will do the trick! Savory Accents has a ton of different spices and all sorts of unique ways to heat up your average foods. There are always samples to try at each market. I also love their Merken spice blend. You can find them at the Green City Market in Lincoln Park in Chicago! Check out their website if you miss the market.

Ted and Joan run Savory Accents located in Verona, Wisconsin. Ted, the “chili gardener,” is in charge of tending the garden by making sure the soil is fertile and the seeds are just right. Joan, “the spicy gourmet,” spices things up, literally, by creating delicious products with basic ingredients. The chili seeds come from various global cultures such as Aji from Peru, Bulgarian Carrots, Fatali from Africa, Jolokai from India, Chinese Lanterns (sounds hot, but probably not as hot as the California Reaper they grow), Kung Pao Cayennes, Thai Hots and Japanese Shishito.

If you’re like me, you might want to test the power of the spice before you purchase. After taking a bite of these, I just had to try the raspberry jalapeño jam to cool it down. Thank you for that tip Savory Accents! See you at the market today between 8am-1pm!

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