How to Combat Mercury Retrograde Before it Starts!


Chaos, chaos, chaos! Every few months, I take some time to sit and contemplate the important tasks I have been putting off. I think about what I need to buckle down on and just get done. Mercury Retrograde comes about every four months and lasts for three weeks. So my “list” consists of two steps.

Write down your intentions in each area:

My Goals: anything you want to accomplish during this three week span.

My Completion List: Actions and projects you have started but have not finished for whatever reason. Think of anything you have been procrastinating about. Write them down to get caught up.

My Celebrations are filled with joy and serenity: This section is for any social interactions you may have during the Retrograde. Since there will often be miscommunication and misunderstandings, write down your get-togethers and encounters you will have. This will prevent drama and arguments!

My Travels are filled with joy, serenity and leisure: Mercury impacts time and space. Set the intention to have safe, timely travels.

Cross off half of your goals and half the items in your completion list. Focus on what is MOST important during this period. Just because you cross them off doesn’t mean you cannot get them done but accomplish the things that you value most first. Doing less than what you normally do will be the key during this time!

When you take the time to evaluate your intentions prior to the retrograde, these tasks will already be in motion. Therefore, the retrograde bandits will stay away!

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2018

  • March 23 to April 15
  • July 26 to August 19
  • November 17 to December 6

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