Energy Mastery Retreatclaire

Join Angie Starz, Tori Washington and Claire Ridge for a life-changing retreat this February in Palm Springs, CA.  This intensive style retreat has been a long-time coming and is the brainchild of these three teachers and healers who are committed to assisting you in facilitating real and lasting change in your life.


WHO:  Anyone searching for tools and skills to peel back the layers of doubt, fear and limiting beliefs to live a healthier, more connected and fulfilling life. Also great for those already on the path of self discovery that are looking for inspiration and a reset in beautiful Palm Springs.  This intensive-style retreat is limited to 10 participants.

WHEN:  Feb 16-19 (President’s Day Weekend)


WHERE:  A private, luxury property in Palm Springs, California (photos attached).  Private rooms available along with shared.  2 pools, multiple fire pits, meditation space, views of the mountains and boundless serenity.

WHAT:  This 4 day, 3 night retreat and Energy Mastery Intensive includes:

  • Twice Daily Guided Meditation Sessions
  • Daily Energy Healing Sessions
  • Daily Embodied Movement Practices (yoga and more)
  • Energy Mastery Intensive Coursework (interactive workbook included)
  • Health Coaching
  • One on One Coaching
  • Balanced and Organic Meals via Claire Ridge and Fine Drink Pairings


We believe that YOU have an unlimited source of power within you that, when tapped, can guide you to be healthier, happier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

We believe as a human being, you are more than just a physical body. And, while the physical body plays an incredibly important role in your existence, it’s valuable to understand that you are more than just the skin you’re in.

We have thoughts, feelings, emotions, perspectives, life experiences and an internal guidance system that make up our energetic body. Our energetic body directly affects our physical experience – both negative and positive.

With our proprietary system, we invite you on an exploration of each layer of your being through EMBODIMENT, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND ENERGY MASTERY.


From an early age we’re taught to have-do-be:

  • after we HAVE (confidence, time, money)
  • then we will be able to DO the thing (lose weight, have fun with kids, build a thriving business)
  • which will allow us to BE (happy, skillful leaders, less stressed)
  • In reality, we’ve got it all backwards.  We have to BE happy and less stressed to generate the energy to DO the things we want in life so we can HAVE all that we desire.

During Energy Master you will:

  • Rekindle your relationship with your physical body through yoga and other movement modalities that inspire you to live in true Embodiment
  • Explore the five primary emotions and the spectrum of human feelings to navigate more confidently through life’s ups and downs
  • Connect to your unique guidance system to elevate your mindset and your mood on a daily basis
  • Dive into the science behind Energy Mastery and the philosophies that inspired Energy Mastery including Yoga, Reiki, Qigong and other ancient healing modalities
  • Engage in practices that support you in building up the energetic layer of your being to experience more vitality
  • Get a clear understanding of your current energetic state and create an effective roadmap back to balanced energy management
  • Identify core wounds and limiting belief systems to begin healing on an energetic level
  • Acquire practical tools to protect yourself from energy vampires
  • Permanently shift your consciousness from a state of auto-pilot to consistently showing up as a vibrational being creating a human experience