February 2014: Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition


One of my sisters volunteered at the Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition organization during the month of February. I thought it was very interesting people were being abducted and sold into human slavery so close to where I was attending college. The crazy thing was that not many people knew about it. I wanted to bring awareness to the cause and show people that this happens in other countries but also sadly in our own backyards. It is important to me that we have fair trade with our products. All of our shirts come from an American Apparel factory where the workers are paid fair wages and treated with respect. Our pockets are sewn in a local factory in Milwaukee where the employees are treated fairly as well.

“The Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition exists to prevent and end forced labor and sexual exploitation of innocent children, women, and men. Through advocacy, community collaboration, and education, we seek to identify victims, expose traffickers and buyers, promote slave-free practices, and support survivors of human trafficking on their journey towards wholeness. We envision communities free of modern-day slavery.”

Curious about this organization: http://www.stophumantraffickingmo.com

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