Flow Through It


Stress is caused by being HERE and wanting to be THERE.”-Eckhart Tolle

What is flow? Flow is defined as “moving along or out steadily and continuously in a current or stream.” Isn’t that what life is, moving along day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute? Events constantly changing, no second the same as the last? It is the difference between the past, present, and future. It is the knowledge that everything eventually changes.

We feel that flow during our yoga classes as we connect one breath to one movement, or as you turn from one page to the next in a book you just can’t put down. Knowing that every second forward is a new beginning. It is the feeling that can often be described as “being in the zone.” But how do you maintain this openness to change throughout all the stressful triggers of life?

We simply need to let go of what we feel we need to control. Learn to go with the flow rather than against it. Think about swimming against the current; this is much more difficult than riding with it. Let go of what you think should be so you can become what could be.  We often show up to life with expectations and judgments. When it doesn’t go as we expected, we become disappointed. When we are filled with judgments, our relationships suffer. So instead of showing up with these negative thoughts, open the mind to what might and will be instead of what should be. It is here where we find the possibilities for growth and understanding, where we experience the spontaneity of being in the moment.

Try to find yourself being grateful for being where you are in the now. The past is behind us and we are not going that way. The future isn’t here yet. But the present is a gift, so aim to treat it that way. The now is all that is guaranteed in this journey called life. We learn to move continuously like a current or stream in this moment.

Instead of striving to be in that “perfect” pose, the highest position in the company, or the best athlete on the team, take a moment to thank yourself for the process. This is where we truly learn about ourselves. Each day will teach you something new. Whether you are learning a new pose or a skill for your new job, remember you are perfect just where you are. So take joy in the practice of learning more about your individual self. Find the blessing in knowing that where you are is just fine and one day you will get to where you need to be. Stay focused, live for your dreams, and flow with the moment.

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