How do these Phish Phans Express Gratitude? How Do You?


img_2431Gratitude. I walked down the street the other week and passed this little show venue. Right away, a poster caught my eye. It was this navy triangle looking shape filled with little red doughnut circles. I knew instantly it had to do with the band Phish. So I shot a few notes out and surveyed if my Phish phan phriends would be down for a little groove. A few weeks later we got to the show and instantly walked into some great vibes. The music was on point. The guy named Andy had a voice like Trey Anastasio and boy, did they jam. What a great surprise that the band, A Live One sounded just like Phish? But what really struck me was the gratitude I experienced at the show.

Curious Claire got the best of me and I started asking the phans what they were grateful for that day. I had some moving answers. One of my favorites was from a guy who had a friend in town. He hadn’t seen his buddy in years and he got to bring his buddy and his buddy’s sister to this show. How fabulous is it to share wonderful music with wonderful friends?

My friend Chelsea and I stuck around after the show and ended up meeting a few of the band members. Of course, I had to ask Andy (the Trey sound-alike) what he was grateful for. His response almost put me to tears. His grandmother lives in Peoria. They had been on a tour across the midwest and Andy decided to rent a car to go see his grandmother. Not only did he just swing by and see her, he actually got to see her twice in one week! He said it wasn’t an option, it was necessary.

As you move through this holiday season, I hope you focus on the blessings in your life. The holidays can be stressful but it’s a time when families and friends come together. Spend your energy on what makes you light up with thankful thoughts.

I got to take a little trip this weekend to Kansas City and see my grandmother. I don’t get to see her much because I live in Chicago and she can no longer travel. I cannot even begin to tell you the light in her eyes when she got to see us. Time and again she told me how happy she was that we could stop by. It is scientifically proven that expressing gratitude will make you a happier person. Share with me; what is one thing you are grateful for today?

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