Head-to-Knee Forward Bend (Janu Sirsasana)


IMG_3674Janu means knee and Sirsa is the head. This pose aids in digestion because of the way it tones the liver and spleen. It is therapeutic for high blood pressure, insomnia, and sinuses.

Sit on the floor with one leg stretched out. Remembering to flex through the right foot! Exhale, lining your belly button up with the middle of the right thigh. Bend the left knee and drop the outer edge of the left thigh and calf to the floor as you place the left heel to the inside of the right thigh. Extend the arms and hold the right foot with a strap or the hands. If you can comfortably reach the feet you can interlace your fingers.

Make sure you are not forcefully pulling yourself into the forward bend by hunching and shortening your front torso. Lengthen your body and let your belly reach your thigh first; head should fall last. My hamstrings are extremes right and this is as far as I can go still maintaining the integrity of your spine. Remember it’s not a competition and only go as far as your body will allow. Come up on an inhale and repeat on the other side!

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