Hero’s Pose (Virasana)


Virasana or Hero’s Pose can help with digestion, pains in the knees and flat feet. It is also great for your spine and can lower high blood pressure.

Kneel on the floor with the knees together and the feet about 18 inches apart. Roll the calf muscle to the outside and let the glutes fall to the floor. Press the shoelace side of the feet (including the pinky-toe side) on the floor with the toes pointing back. Hands can be at heart center or the wrists can be on the knees with the palms facing the sky and the thumb and index finger touching. Widen the collar bone and lengthen through your spine. Corset the hip points and ribs together.

If it is difficult to rest your glutes on the mat, you can place a block or blanket underneath you or you can cross your feet behind you and then eventually start to bring them apart. To come out, press your hands into the mat and lift your bottom off your heels. Cross your ankles, sit back on your heels, then extend the legs out in front of you. Be careful if you have knee or ankle injury.

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