It’s about more than just the food on a plate


You listen to a pianist as he loses himself in the keys of his mother’s grand piano. You hear the painter rave about her newest oils, water colors, acrylics and other artistic mediums. Only then do you uncover that this is their form of creation. This is where the flow begins. For me, it is food.

The texture, the smell, the presentation and of course, the taste. This is part of what gets me going. It has become my creative outlet, my space where I lose track of time, my art. I’ve always been interested in developing something from my mind into a tangible product. Food experiments have become the place I come to light my soul on fire. I get lost in creation with my hands, my fork and my taste buds.

But there’s something different about food. There’s something magical about sharing a dish with the people you love. I’ve come to realize that it is more than just the food that’s on your plate. It becomes something deeper when you gather a group of people around the table to enjoy these delicious meals and meaningful conversations. It’s the joy of sharing your day with someone and catching up on life.

However, the true root comes down to the farmers. These are the people who grow this rich mix of colorful foods. These are the people who raise the animals so we can eat eggs and a juicy, medium-rare steak. These are the people who wake up at 3AM, drive two hours from Wisconsin to Chicago, and set up the market ready for eager beavers at 7AM. These are the people who share their farm stories every time you stop by their booth. These are the people who transfer their energy to these beautiful nourishing things that bring millions together. This is their creation. For these lovely souls, I am grateful.

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