Knee pain? What does it mean?

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IMG_3420“So, how are things going?” he asked.

I broke down. Tears flowed from my eyes and I started to say sorry for crying. I felt myself holding back because things weren’t peachy keen and it seemed as if I shouldn’t communicate that. This lump in my throat started to choke back my words because they hurt so much to say out loud.

We’re taught to grow up in a society where we can’t talk about our feelings. When someone asks you, “how are you?” the majority of people say, “good.” How many of these people actually feel just “good” in that moment? What if they feel “spectacular,” or “confused,” or “hurt,” or “cherished?” Why is “good” the only reply?

So I wasn’t “fine.” I wasn’t “good.” One thing after the next had been crashing down on me. I felt like I couldn’t catch a break. As I exposed my soul to this man, a man who barely knew me, I felt a release. A sensation of letting go ran throughout my body. We discussed in brief the stressors in my life and then got down to the physical body check. I’m not really sure what to call this man. His name is Dr. Campbell and he’s a chiropractor, acupuncturist, kinesiologist, etc. I usually just refer to him as a wizard.

I laid face down on the chiropractic table and he asked me how my legs felt. My left knee was giving me a little trouble the last time I had gone to see him.

“Not good. My knee has been hurting even more than it did the last time,” I replied.

“Your legs represent your life path. Your legs are hurting because you’re running away from something. You feel stuck because you’re not confronting the problems in your life,” he simply stated.

He was right. I was dealing with multiple issues showing up in my life that I simply wanted to avoid. I didn’t want to confront the pain or discomfort. I continued to burry myself in other mundane tasks instead of facing the situations that were presenting themselves. So, my legs continued to hurt.

I dove into meditations, focused on healing, and approached the situations with a vulnerable heart. Opportunities started to show up. Things seemed a little bit clearer and I knew things would be okay. I now know I need to confront my fears, stressors, and anxieties rather than bolting. If I forget, my body will remind me.

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