Lavender Oil: The Cure-All


IMG_3473You’re finally presenting that project you’ve been working on to hundreds and can’t control your nerves, lavender oil is right by your side to help you snap back into your calm mindset. That mosquito bite on your leg keeps expanding in size as you scratch it to death until a touch of lavender oil encourages the welt to subside. You’re laying in bed after a blissful day as you give your temples a massage with a little lavender oil, putting you into a deeper state of serenity. Need a cure? Lavender is here!
I think lavender and peppermint are my two go-to oils. Lavender also helps to balance the body wherever there is a need. It may help with anxiety, allergies, blisters, bites, depression, dandruff, crying, cuts, exhaustion, insomnia, jet lag, itching, mental stress, mosquito repellent, Parkinson’s disease, stress, teeth grinding, vertigo, wrinkles and many more! Be sure to get an oil safe for consumption (such as DoTerra or Young Living) if that is your intended use.

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