Low back pain? Cancer? This might be why.


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Low back pain? Cancer? This might be why!

My low back had been throbbing with pain for weeks. I couldn’t get a grasp on why it was so uncomfortable. I’d sit down on the floor and this sensation would run through my spine begging to be released. It was only when I’d lay on my back rocking back and forth that my back would “crack.” That release ran through my body like a breath of fresh air.

The mind-body connection has been something I’ve really investigated over the last few years. The book Heal Your Body by Louise Hay had been sitting on my bedside table. This lovely author passed at the age of 90 just last week. In 1978, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She knew that with the right methods she too could heal her body. Surgery was not an option in her book. Cancer’s probable cause was, “Deep hurt. Long standing resentment. Deep secret or grief eating away at the self. Carrying hatreds. ‘What’s the use?’” She had been a victim of sexual abuse as a child and held on to a boatload of resentment regarding this situation. She cleared out the mental patterns and got a nutritionist to assist her healing process. Between the mental and physical cleansing, she got her medical professionals to agree that she was cancer free in six months!

I looked up “low back pain” in the book Heal Your Body. The book has a slew of “problems” ranging from fainting to multiple sclerosis, and even bad breath. The probable cause is listed next and the new thought pattern follows as an affirmation you can repeat to yourself to heal your body. “Fear of money. Lack of financial support,” was the probable cause relating to low back pain. “I trust the process of life. All I need is always taken care of. I am safe,” was the affirmation that followed.

So I scheduled an appointment with my favorite doctor. If you read most of my blogs, you know I have a wonderful doctor, Dr. Brad Campbell, who pretty much aids in healing any ailment of which you can think. He is a chiropractor, uses applied kinesiology, an acupuncturist, is focused on organic whole-food nutrition, and more! I get to the office and the pain is unbearable after driving in the car for the last 45 minutes. What the heck is in there?

“Dr. Campbell, I swear this low back pain is related to financial stress. I’m not sure why but I was reading Louise Hay’s book and that’s what it said,” I told him when I hit the chiropractic table. He had read the book and immediately knew what I was talking about.

“Let’s see,” he replied.

He does this thing where he has me hold my arm up and say affirmations. “Don’t let me push your arm down. Say out loud ‘I am worthy of money,’” he cued. With as much strength as I could muster, I held my arm up and as he applied a little pressure, my arm collapsed. “Are you kidding me?” I thought. It was unreal to me that I saw these words this author wrote put right into action. So where did this belief begin? Why was it showing up in my body? How could I let it go?

Dr. Campbell was here to help solve the mystery. He asked my body if it related to fear. The answer was no. He asked if it was related to bad memories. My body instantly replied yes. “This could not be real,” I thought. He asked me to recall any bad memories that I was harboring about money. I thought and mentioned I always had to pay my dad back for cameras, candy or whatever my 13-year-old self needed at the time. No, that wasn’t quite right but it had something to do with my dad. As he was checking my responses to the emotional thought patterns, I recalled the moment my dad left our family to move to Chicago.

We grew up in Kansas City. My mother’s father had a Dairy Queen that he was trying to sell. When I was about 8 or 9 years old, my dad’s company went under and he decided to move to Chicago for 8 months to test out work at the DQ. My mom, sisters and I stayed back in Kansas City. We’d chat with him nightly over the phone, he’d come visit but I guess as an 8-year-old, I had felt unsupported. Who would have thought something from nearly 18 years ago would show up in my body at the age of 26?

Dr. Campbell had me take a deep breath in and imagine the feelings surrounding my dad’s move to Chicago. On the exhale he had me let go of any negative feelings as he did an adjustment on my head. He then went on to adjust my back. After the physical and mental adjustments were made, he had me hold my arm up again.

“I am worthy of money. I am worthy of a million dollars,” I was told to say as I held my arm firmly.

The results were unreal. My arm was rock solid and could not be pressed down.

“Nice work, Louise,” Dr. Cambell said to himself with glee on his face.

So what did this mean? My body no longer believed that I was unworthy of money. Therefore, it would become easier for my mind to think the same. I left that office free of back pain and it hasn’t hurt since! If it’s low back pain, cancer, or even a small problem like a blister, head to Louise Hay’s book to figure out what might be causing these ailments in your body.

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