Peace in a new place: a moving journey

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passion flower“Are you sure you want to live on the third floor? Think about carrying all your stuff up those stairs,” my mom said to me during my apartment hunt.

Yes. I knew in my heart the third floor was the right fit. It had more sunlight, tall ceilings and I just knew that was the play. You don’t realize how strenuous moving is until you have to do it. Searching for a new place to live when you have to be out of the other on a specific date just adds to the stress. Between apartment viewings, packing, work, and actually moving your belongings (most of which you didn’t even know still existed in your current apartment), relaxation hits the back burner.

So after a fulfilling, yet tiring day of talking to roughly 900 people over the course of 14 hours, enjoying the new place became a priority of the evening. I got home only to instantly soak in a bath filled with a little epsom salt and some eucalyptus essential oil. My body thanked me after standing all day. After my much needed salt-and-oil bath, I curled up on the bean bag in the zen den to catch up on some reading.

8:45pm cued the church bell ring, a sound that couldn’t be more beautiful. I gazed out one window and saw the steeple emerge over the top of the tree branches. The Sears Tower popped out right in front of me from the next. As I turned my head to look at the third window, the clouds were a warm pink from a recent setting sun. As if it couldn’t get any better, the birds began their last evening song. I was instantly reminded of my grandparents. The sounds of nature and the ability to experience beauty as it surrounds us all is something they’ve taught me very well. It gave me a moment to understand and connect with the present. A moment to express gratitude for the wonders of this world.

This new home has left me feeling thankful. Thankful countless hours calling different realtors. Thankful for the furniture and boxes lugged up to that third floor. The family members and friends who helped me move. A roommate who put up with the stress of apartment hunting and decorating. The fact I’m a five minute walk to the farmer’s market. The adorable homes that surround my neighborhood, almost every single one filled with a dog. But above all, the moment to pause and take it all in. That is gratitude. If I didn’t snag the third floor spot, who knows if you’d even be reading this.

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