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Our Mission

Our mission is to mend the world one stitch at a time by donating a portion of our pocket sales to a specific cause each month. We started this in October 2013 with Keep-A-Breast. It has been a blessing to raise awareness to situations that surround our everyday lives.


A Free Throw for Muscular Dystrophy

It was senior night at The Columbus Academy as Ali Dillon’s brother excitedly approached the free throw line. The crowd anxiously awaited his shot. The basketball went in and the crowd erupted with a standing ovation. As a basketball lover living with a rare form of muscular dystrophy called CPTII Deficiency, he was unable to…

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SOILL Gets Stitched

What motivates you to wake up for work every morning? Is it the culture? Is it the money? Or is it something deeper like finding a meaning in your daily activities? It might be something bigger than just getting a sale. It might be really making a difference in someone’s life. Someone once told me…

Chelsea Watkins

Watkins shines through: A story of sexual assault

Bright, self-loved, and caring. Chelsea Watkins brings the energy into any room in which she steps foot. Her energy does not go unnoticed. She’s constantly focused on the bright side of life. Who could have guessed this compassionate individual has struggled with depression and anxiety directly related to someone else’s choice? According to the Department…

Kyle Hocking

Get Your Balls Checked, Boys!

You reach for your Gatorade Saturday morning and instead of the hangover-quenching joy as it trickles down your throat, the taste is like the 4th-grade dare to put your tongue on the frozen tetherball pole. Radiation, man. That mouth-watering feeling you get when you see a juicy burger and a side of fries, the ice-cold…


Yeah, they’re fake. My real ones tried to kill me!

How do you stay grounded in the face of fear? What is the secret to getting through the hardships in life? “Laugh at yourself and your bald head,” Patti Parsons would answer in her sweet southern tone. Parsons was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 47. She had long brown hair….

Love and Be Loved

To love and be loved. Something everyone wants but not everyone believes they can have. My friend, Jill is one of the most loving individuals I have ever met. She can put a smile on your face just by saying hello or welcoming you with a big hug. Yet every day she suffers with an…

american red cross

Needed for Nepal!

“Be thankful for the bad things in life for they open your eyes to the good things you weren’t paying attention to before.” -Unkown On April 25, 2015 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal killing over 7,700 individuals. An estimated eight million people were impacted by this earthquake. Some of the victims of this disaster were…


Through the Eyes of Parkinson’s

As some of you may know, my grandmothers both suffer from Parkinson’s disease. This makes April a very meaningful month for our One Stitch at a Time campaign. The sad thing is that one out of every 100 people over the age of 60 is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. It can even be diagnosed as young…


Auction for Art!

More stitches for a good cause? You’ve got that right. Our fantastic web developers at Worksite LLC have decided to use our awesome products for an auction at their children’s school. These items will be auctioned off for Coonley Elementary in Chicago, IL. It is for the 2015 Spring Fling on April 18, 2015. The…


March for the Animals

Happy spring. With spring upon us, we are seeing more and more animals out and about and we want this to continue. The reality is that numerous animal species are near extinction. It is important to maintain animals’ habitats and keep the authenticity of the world. Our One Stitch At A Time efforts have given us…

love is respect

No More

As I have grown up, I have learned more about the prevalence of sexual assault and domestic violence. It has been a topic of conversation across the news and a real life issue among a number of close friends. Individuals affected by this horrible act often feel embarrassed or afraid to talk about it. But…


#GivingTuesday December 2014: Midwest Food Bank

It is a new month but it is also #GivingTuesday. Giving Tuesday began in 2012 as a way to give back after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For our campaign, One Stitch at a Time we have decided to donate 3% of our profits to the Midwest Food Bank during December. Their mission is to “alleviate hunger and…


10 Things we are Thankful For

We are thankful for plenty this Thanksgiving but these are 10 things that stood out to us this year: Our customers Friends and Family who support us Being able to give back to a new cause each month Our web developers at WorksiteLLC Our new legging design and stitchers New patterns and prints Good food…


November 2014: Movember

Shave the date again on November 1! We will be bringing it back for the men this month with our mustache pockets. Perfect for no shave November! Movember’s vision is to “have an impact on the face of men’s health.” Let’s support our boys and get your pocket tee today!


October 2014: Keep A Breast

It has been a year since we started doing One Stitch at a Time. We hope that with the launch of our site, this year will be more successful in giving back than the last. Keep a Breast reminds women of various ages to keep up with monthly self breast exams. At Ridge’s Stitches we…


September 2014: Partnership for a Healthier America

With school starting back up, I felt it was necessary to draw attention to children and the way they go about their day. Children should aim to get at least 60 minutes of exercise each day. It is also important for children to maintain a healthy diet as things that you eat in your younger…