imageHappy 4th of July! I decided to get festive with my breakfast this morning and make it scream “AMERICA!” Did you know there are black raspberries? I didn’t either until my mushroom man at the farmer’s market passed a taste over. This bowl is filled with them and they have a sweeter taste than red raspberries. The black raspberries look a lot like blackberries but I promise you, they are different.

Serves: 1
Hands-on time: 7 minutes
Total time: 10 minutes

¼ cup plain, unsweetened almond milk (you can even make it homemade)
½ cup red raspberries

½ cup black raspberries

½ cup frozen blueberries

½ tsp maca powder (optional)

½ tsp spirulina (optional)

½ tsp chlorella (optional)

½ tsp goji powder (optional)

1 tbsp goji berries

1 tsp hemp hearts

3 cherries

1 tbsp granola

1 tbsp dried cranberries

1 tbsp sliced almonds

½ tsp coconut

10-15 blueberries

1. Blend almond milk, raspberries, blueberries, and powders in smoothie maker or blender for 1 minute.
2. Pour into bowl.
3. Decorate with an American flag theme and enjoy!

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