How to Roast Red Peppers


roasted red peppersAs you all know, I have quite the obsession with red peppers. They can be used in so many recipes like a roasted red pepper soup, roasted red pepper hummus, and more! Roasting red peppers is super simple. You can do it on the grill or the oven. The grill gives it a nice charred flavor and but the oven warms the house during the winter. It’s really pretty easy.

  1. Cut the red peppers. If you keep them in larger chunks, it is easier to take the skin off once it has blackened.
  2. Place them on the top rack in the oven and broil them until the skin is charred. You can also do this on the grill.
  3. Put the charred red peppers in a plastic bag or covered container and let sit for about 5-10 minutes.
  4. Peel the skin off the red peppers and use in your next dish!

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