Root Chakra (Muladhara): First Chakra


Purpose: Sense of feeling grounded and secure.

Location: Base of the spine.

Deals with: Grounding, finances, security, food.

Color: Red.

Developmental stage: 2nd trimester to 12 months.

Developmental tasks: Physical growth, motor skills, object permanence.

In balance: Feeling grounded and supported. Full of energy, health, and vitality.

Out of balance: Fears around survival, finances and family security. Lack of energy. Difficulty staying in one place, situation, or relationship for a long amount of time. Lack of boundaries. This may manifest physically as low back pain, sciatica, immune-related disorders, addictions, varicose veins, constipation, diarrhea, rectal/anal problems, impotence, water retention, and any problems with the lower body such as the legs, feet, hips, knees, etc.

Traumas: Birth trauma, abandonment, physical neglect, poor physical bonding with mother, malnourishment, feeding difficulties, major illness or surgery, physical abuse or violent environment, enema abuse, inherited traumas (parents’ survival fears (i.e. holocaust survivors, war veterans, poverty conditions).

Healing exercises: Meditation, connecting to the earth by walking barefoot, physical activity (aerobics, weights, running, dance), lots of touch, massage, bioenergetic grounding, gardening, Hatha yoga, look at earliest childhood relationship to mother, reclaim the right to be here.

Yoga poses for your root chakra: Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge pose), Sukhasana, Balasana (Child’s Pose), Malasana, Uttanasana (Forward Fold), Tadasana (Mountain pose), Sun Salutations Anjaneyasana, Warrior II, Warrior I, Wide-legged forward fold, Savasana.

Affirmations: I am here. I am grounded. It is safe for me to be here. The earth supports me and meets my needs. I am secure. I am rooted. I love my body and trust its wisdom. I am immersed in abundance. I am here and I’m real.

Healing foods: Red colored foods such as beets and cherries. Root vegetables like potatoes and carrots. Animal proteins like red meat and eggs. Cayenne peppers. Eat for your chakras by following this 7 day meal plan!

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