IMG_8772My mom always grew herbs and beautiful flowers in our backyard so I guess I was pretty in tune with nature at a young age. My sisters and I would prance through the garden, take showers under the sprinklers, and even build little houses with sticks, rocks, and whatever else we could find for our “fairies” who visited at night. I think it was natural instinct to love the smell of my first smudge stick.

You must be thinking, what the heck do you need to smeer around? Good energy, of course! These white sage bundles are an essential for clearing out negative energy. They smell pretty dang good too. Native American tribes were known to use sage for healing, clearing space and ceremonies.

When I sage my space or myself, I repeat a little prayer back to myself. Yours can be anything you would like. I begin by feeling my feet connected to the earth and a white light surrounding my space. I light the bundle of sage with a match, candle, or lighter. Blow the flame out once it starts to smoke.

I make a little circle around myself to clear the space around me. Then I repeat back to myself, “peace and love fills this room” or “air, fire, water, earth, cleanse, dismiss, dispel” My friend Tori uses “cleanse and clear. Cleanse and clear,” for her sage cleansing rituals. You can say whatever resonates with you that represents clearing energy. I then move the sage from my toes to the top of my head. You can circle the sage clockwise around in the room to clear the energy of the room. According to Andria Molina in her article 3 Spiritual Benefits of Sage, “When the direction of the fumes are pointed in a uniform direction this can indicate that you can move to the next location, if the fumes are scattered then continue with a one counterclockwise rotations then a clockwise rotation.”

Doorways hold a lot of energy as people pass through these the most out of anywhere in the home. Open the doors and windows to let the smoke out. Sage your new crystals, candles, or pieces of furniture to clear the energy of those who touched these objects prior to you. The objects only need a few seconds of smudging.

Sage can purify the air of 94 percent of harmful bacteria for up to 24 hours. It is helpful for people with asthma, headaches, lung problems, respiratory issues, coughs and colds. It can improve moods, enhance memory, and quicken senses.

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