Stressed? Connect with your breath for just ONE minute!


With the holidays upon us, lots of stress is blowing in the air. Even one minute of mindful meditation practice can start to calm your thoughts. “I cannot stop thinking” is a phrase I often hear. To be honest, your thoughts will never completely go away. Even the most mindful meditators have thoughts that arise during their practice. But instead of judging your thoughts, let them arise and then let them go.
There are many ways to meditate but let’s begin with something simple: the breath. The more stressed we get, the faster our breathing becomes. So find a comfortable seat or even lie down if that feels best. Float your eyes closed. Relax your shoulders. Unclench your jaw. Straighten your back. Start to inhale and exhale. Match the length of your inhales with the length of your exhales. Continue this for at least 1 minute. You can eventually increase the length of your breath by inhaling for 3 counts and exhaling for 4. Namaste.

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