Activated Charcoal Lemonade

I had been craving activated charcoal lately. This is such a random craving but maybe it’s because I’ve felt so ungrounded in the move that I was turning to comfort foods like doughnuts (my family and friends couldn’t stop laughing at this) or maybe my body is actually needing to clear out some asbestos from…


Turmeric Latte

I made this latte a few months ago when I started getting into my collagen experiment. The collagen has made my nails stronger than ever. I now have to file them twice a week! There will be a blog on collagen soon! However, I went on this retreat this past weekend to Palm Springs, California….


Blue Majik Latte

I stumbled upon the most darling traveling merchant. Dani rides this bike setting up her Joyride Organics shop all around the city! She offers free samples of mushroom tea, sells beautiful soaps, Vital Proteins collagen peptides, and more. Follow her on Twitter to find out where she is next! One of my health practitioners mentioned…