Nut Butter Cups

One bite. A thin nut butter layer with a chocolate coating collapses into your mouth. This little piece of candy made me wonder “how on earth do they get the nut butter in the middle?” Well, it’s rather quite simple. There’s this slender, scrumptious layer of chocolate that gets poured into the mold. The nut…

chocolate, coconut, date energy bites

Chocolate, Coconut, Date Energy Balls

When I start to get that chocolate craving, cacao powder is my go-to! It’s absolutely delicious in energy bites and many other things. Stay tuned for my chocolate milk I’ll be making in the next few weeks for my chocolate-obsessed sister, Grace! Anyhow, these bites are a perfect thing to pop in before a yoga…

orange chocolate date power bars

Orange, Chocolate, Date Power Bars

In an effort to consume less processed sugar, I wanted to share with you all a no sugar added power bar. They are made with orange essential oil and some other groovy ingredients. Cacao powder gives you an energy boost and it’s packed with a chocolatey flavor. Add in this banging oil and you’re in…

protein powders

5 Powders You Can Add for Nutritional Benefits

My grandmother told me I might be overdosing on super foods. Considering I pack these into my smoothies on a pretty regular basis, she might be right. I’ll have to do some investigative research if this is possible. Jazz up your smoothies, oatmeals, or even energy bites with some of these delicious powders. Goji Berry Powder…


5 Superfoods to Try Right Now

Superfoods are an interesting way to pack a few more nutrients in your everyday dish. These five superfoods are filled with benefits. There are a ton of superfoods but here are a few you can try in your next salad, smoothie bowl, or even ice cream! Goji Berries These fruity little guys are amazing! They…

Cacao date almond butter energy bites

Cacao, Date, Almond Butter Energy Balls

Do you have trouble finding snacks you can grab on the go throughout a busy week? One of my clients mentioned that he is always in a rush throughout the day and when he gets home for dinner, he indulges in large meals. He said it would be helpful to have some ideas for easy…


Chocolate Date Power Bars

Ever since I was a kid, I have been a sucker for sweets. My mind was blown when I discovered this mouthwatering recipe. Dates are a great fruit that will satisfy any sweet tooth craving. These magnificent fruits grow on date palm trees in hot, dry climates. Dates are filled with potassium, keeping you invigorated with energy….