Citrus Herb Roasted Chicken

I was living at my parents for about a month while my house had asbestos contamination. This put quite the damper on my cooking since I was commuting to and from the city to the burbs. My yoga classes would start around 6am and end around 8pm most days. I cherished every moment that gave…


Balsamic Chicken or Chickpea Lettuce Wraps

Angie, one of the co-leaders for the Palm Springs Energy Mastery Retreat posted a photo of these chicken and chickpea lettuce wraps. we made for our tasting. Two of the girls said that’s what sold them on the retreat. We made chickpea and chicken so people had a meat-free option! We used butter leaf lettuce, which was…


Crockpot Mango Chicken

Mangos are the bomb diggity. In fact, I just had to pause to grab one out of the fridge to cut up and eat. They’re so flavorful and act as a great compliment to chicken. Mondays are always super long and I barely have any time to make something to eat. I often opt for…

Eating Essential Oils

Did you know you can eat some of your essential oils? Make sure they are therapeutic grade pure essential oils. I like the brand doTERRA but Young Living is wonderful as well. You can eat these essential oils if they have a nutritional facts label on the bottle. Add a little Lemon oil into your…

chicken kabobs

Chili and Lime Chicken Kabobs

Well you all know about my pepper obsession, so here is another great dish that will make your palate salivate. If you are sensitive to spice, use less chili powder. Make sure to get pasture-raised, organic chicken whenever possible. This is important because there are a ton of food label claims that confuse the consumer….


Oodles of Zoodles

Avocado, pistachio pesto with tomatoes, chicken and zoodles Oodles of zoodles! What the heck are zoodles? A spiralizer is the next best thing in your kitchen. It creates a long noodle-like shape! You can use zucchinis, butternut squash, sweet potatoes and more! For this recipe we got groovy with some zucchini and made some zoodles….