Sweet Potato, Sausage, Egg Scrambler with Chili Powder

Did you know that if you store peeled and cut sweet potatoes in a glass of water in the fridge, it will keep them fresh? Neither did I until the other day. Now that I don’t have to go through the hassle of prepping the sweet potatoes, it makes adding them to my breakfast much…


Spiced Nuts

Nuts are such a simple thing to snack on throughout the week. It’s one of my go-to snacks like hummus or energy balls. They’re kind of boring by themselves so I try to switch up the flavor when I season them up. You can put whatever spice or herb you want on the nut mixture….


Black Bean, Coconut Soup

There is this place I go to right by one of my yoga studios called the Chicago Health Foods Store. They rotate their soups but they often have this black bean soup. It is so creamy and dreamy. I asked soup master, Matt what was in the black bean soup. He said he makes it…


Crockpot Mango Chicken

Mangos are the bomb diggity. In fact, I just had to pause to grab one out of the fridge to cut up and eat. They’re so flavorful and act as a great compliment to chicken. Mondays are always super long and I barely have any time to make something to eat. I often opt for…


Nopales and Ground Beef Burrito Bowl

I had my first experience with nopales. They’re these cactus pads that taste sort of like a green pepper. One of my yoga students mentioned them to me so I swung into this darling Mexican grocery store next to Mirepoix Wellness Studio after one of my classes. I was craving a little burrito bowl and…


Black Bean Sweet Potato Salad with Zesty Lime Dressing

There were a plethora of black beans in my refrigerator I cooked up before I was heading to California. I made some black bean hummus and still had plenty beans left. I snagged some sweet potatoes and cut up the red peppers. I mixed in a little quinoa and made a zesty lime dressing for…

Black bean hummus

Black Bean Hummus

The first time I had black bean hummus was in Madison, Wisconsin the other month at the farmer’s market. Holy cow! After that bite hit my mouth, I was determined to make my own that I can have on hand whenever I need. According to World’s Healthiest Foods, “among all groups of food commonly eaten…