Gingerbread Energy Balls

Gingerbread cookies are a staple for the holiday season. I thought it would be fun to make a healthier version of this traditional holiday cookie. Ginger is a helpful herb to incorporate into your diet throughout the winter because it is warming. It is used for colds, bronchitis, suppressed menstruation and fevers. Serves: 12-15 Hands-on…


Nut Butter Cups

One bite. A thin nut butter layer with a chocolate coating collapses into your mouth. This little piece of candy made me wonder “how on earth do they get the nut butter in the middle?” Well, it’s rather quite simple. There’s this slender, scrumptious layer of chocolate that gets poured into the mold. The nut…


Chocolate Date Power Bars

Ever since I was a kid, I have been a sucker for sweets. My mind was blown when I discovered this mouthwatering recipe. Dates are a great fruit that will satisfy any sweet tooth craving. These magnificent fruits grow on date palm trees in hot, dry climates. Dates are filled with potassium, keeping you invigorated with energy….