Pumpkin energy bites

Pumpkin Pie Energy Balls

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I thought that it would be delectable to whip up a batch of pumpkin energy balls. I have quite the obsession with energy balls and I’m always trying to find new recipes. This amazing brand, Imlak’esh Organics has these Sacha Inchi seeds that are extraordinary. The best part about Imlak’esh…

Snickerdoodle oat energy bites

Snickerdoodle Oat Energy Balls

Snickerdoodle cookies are probably my favorite of all time. I have a sweet obsession with these energy bites I’ve been making lately and snickerdoodle just had to be checked off the list. These had oats in them, which made them a little dry. I will probably be trying them with cashews and almonds and no…


Chickpea Cookie Dough Energy Balls

My college friends used to call me “Mama Ridge.” I’d constantly have chocolate chip cookies on deck for the Brooksiders to scavenge after a night out in Columbia, Missouri. Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are packed with fiber and protein. According to Medical News Today, chickpeas contain a mineral called selenium. This mineral helps…

chocolate, coconut, date energy bites

Chocolate, Coconut, Date Energy Balls

When I start to get that chocolate craving, cacao powder is my go-to! It’s absolutely delicious in energy bites and many other things. Stay tuned for my chocolate milk I’ll be making in the next few weeks for my chocolate-obsessed sister, Grace! Anyhow, these bites are a perfect thing to pop in before a yoga…

lemon turmeric energy bites

Lemon Turmeric Energy Balls

Try this recipe out for your next desert or a boost of energy. They’re similar to a lemon bar or lemon tarts with a lot more health benefits! Turmeric is a sneaky spice that helps with inflammation. It decreases cancer risk, supports detoxification, balances out blood sugar and can improve chronic digestive health problems like…

pistachio, cranberry, oatmeal bites

Pistachio, Cranberry, Oatmeal Energy Balls

I am usually on the go all day. I drive from one yoga class to the next and basically live out of my backpack. So I have to keep snacks in there ready to be chomped down throughout the day. Energy balls are the perfect thing. These pistachio, cranberry, oatmeal balls were an indulging mix….


Carrot Cake Energy Balls

Energy balls are a go-to for my weekly routine. I have made some almond date balls or chocolate date power bars. This week, I opted for the carrot cake energy balls and boy, do they taste like a scrumptious treat! Shredding the carrots is a bit of a trick but once you get past that, they’re a piece…