clemson tigers

Love for Clemson

The fans are screaming, the energy on the field is electric, and there is still enough time in this game for the tides to change. That was the momentum of the Clemson vs. Alabama NCAA football championship game last night. Bama had been up all game until the fourth quarter when Clemson finally took the…

mercury retrograde

How to Combat Mercury Retrograde Before it Starts!

Chaos, chaos, chaos! Every few months, I take some time to sit and contemplate the important tasks I have been putting off. I think about what I need to buckle down on and just get done. Mercury Retrograde comes about every four months and lasts for three weeks. So my “list” consists of two steps….


One Word to Live By

As I sit down to write this blog post, a flash came over me. “Overcome.” It was the first word I thought when I awoke this morning. Overcome what? Fear? The fear of failure, change, or maybe even success. I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for months now. I ask myself why am…


7 Simple Steps to Swerve Toward Your Dreams

7 Simple Steps to Swerve Toward Your Dreams A runner doesn’t complete a race in one step. He gets a little bit closer to his finish line every time he places one foot in front of the other. People often wonder how on earth they will reach their destination when asked about future hopes and dreams. I…

Happy New Year

We have decided this year not to make New Year’s resolutions. Each day gives you a reason to start fresh with new goals and new opportunities. It is a chance to begin again, to not worry about tomorrow or yesterday but instead, live in the moment. So many times we make resolutions and beat ourselves up…