Veggie Loaded Egg Bake

You wake up to the sunlight trickling through the curtains. Your first breath draws in the scent of sundried tomatoes and garlic wafting through the air. Pure ecstasy. You smile to yourself because you know it is going to be a good day. There is something so grounding about the morning. Birds are chirping, the…


Citrus Herb Roasted Chicken

I was living at my parents for about a month while my house had asbestos contamination. This put quite the damper on my cooking since I was commuting to and from the city to the burbs. My yoga classes would start around 6am and end around 8pm most days. I cherished every moment that gave…


Black Bean Veggie Burgers

I’ve made this black bean burger a few times and it seems like every single time I’ve experimented, it’s fallen apart. It was on the Energy Mastery Palm Springs retreat menu. I got so frustrated when half the patties stayed together and the other half were breaking right down the middle. I experimented with adding…


Nopales and Ground Beef Burrito Bowl

I had my first experience with nopales. They’re these cactus pads that taste sort of like a green pepper. One of my yoga students mentioned them to me so I swung into this darling Mexican grocery store next to Mirepoix Wellness Studio after one of my classes. I was craving a little burrito bowl and…


Black Bean Sweet Potato Salad with Zesty Lime Dressing

There were a plethora of black beans in my refrigerator I cooked up before I was heading to California. I made some black bean hummus and still had plenty beans left. I snagged some sweet potatoes and cut up the red peppers. I mixed in a little quinoa and made a zesty lime dressing for…


Crockpot Stuffed Red Peppers

I’ve been quite astonished with the red pepper selection at the farmer’s market the last few weeks. Usually I see these giant non-organic peppers at the grocery store and think they’re just loaded up with hormones because they’re so big. However, I found a pepper the size of my face last week at the market…


Red Lentil Soup

“Would you like to come over for a bowl of soup?” What a lovely question! Yes, I would love to come over for soup. I had a meeting with another health coach who invited me over for a bowl of soup. It was such a nice way to get together and see how someone else does…

purple cauliflower soup

Purple Cauliflower Soup

In my effort to taste the rainbow, I whipped together this purple cauliflower soup. Yes, purple cauliflower is actually a thing. There is no dye in it either! There are also purple carrots and purple potatoes. However, they all taste the same. If you want to use regular potatoes, carrots, or cauliflower, that is up…

chicken kabobs

Chili and Lime Chicken Kabobs

Well you all know about my pepper obsession, so here is another great dish that will make your palate salivate. If you are sensitive to spice, use less chili powder. Make sure to get pasture-raised, organic chicken whenever possible. This is important because there are a ton of food label claims that confuse the consumer….