Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing



…You make everything groovy.


This glorious backbend helps with fatigue and mild depression. Wild Thing opens the hips and hip flexors.

It stretches the chest, shoulder, and throat, and back. It also strengthens the back!


Begin in Downward Facing Dog. Inhale lift the right leg high. Exhale open up the hip and stack the right hip over the left. Bend the knee in toward your butt. Keep the shoulders square to the mat. Flip your dog by slowly drop the right leg down on the floor behind you. You are on the ball of your right foot and your left foot is facing the back of the mat. Push into your left hand and lift the hips high. Reach the right arm forward and slightly down. Keep your shoulders on your back. Drop the head back and open your heart. Hold for 5-10 breaths then return to Down Dog. Repeat on the other side.

*Do not do this pose if you are dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, back or spine injuries, or Rotator Cuff injuries.*

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