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Past Workshops

Summer Self-Care and Scrumptious Salads

Join yoga instructor and holistic health coach, Claire Ridge for an afternoon of delicious summer salads and healthy summer tips. The summer season focuses on the fire element in Chinese medicine. It governs the heart, small intestine, three heater and pericardium. We will discuss why this matters and how to keep these parts of the body balanced during this workshop.

This is your chance for an afternoon of ultimate self-care. We will dive into a meditation practice and talk about tuning in to your intuition. You will learn natural ways to beat some of the summer blunders like sunburns and bug bites. You’ll even get to enjoy some scrumptious summer salads. Don’t worry, you will get the recipes!

Leave feeling totally revitalized prepared to live the most balanced summer season yet! Your mind, body and tastebuds will thank you.

The workshop includes:

  • Guided meditation to feel grounded in the present moment so you can better digest the summer healthy living tips you will learn.
  • A discussion on how the heart, small intestine, three heater and pericardium play an important role during the summer season and how to uses these energy pathways optimally.
  • A salad tasting session and recipes for the summer season.
  • A take-home activated charcoal mask and summer wellness workbook.

-Mirepoix Wellness Studio

Sprouting in the Spring

Craving a reset from Winter’s stagnant energy?  Refresh your body and mind through breathing techniques, cleansing foods and ways to work with the spring season.  Leave with a sprout garden you can grow from anywhere and a spring cleaning workbook with detoxifying recipes, mindful cleansing tips, and more!

-Mirepoix Studio

-samadhi a yoga studio

Stay Mindful Through the Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time, with healthy habits and goals falling to the back-burner. This workshop will use plant-based food and yoga movements to help you stay mindful about what you put into your body, how you move your body and how to reduce stress during the holiday season. Leave with a powerful snack to get you through the holidays and a workbook filled with mindful holiday tips and recipes!

-Mirepoix Wellness Studio

Nourish Yourself: It’s Not Just About the Food

Dive into how other life factors such as exercise, relationships, career, and a spiritual practice play a role in your overall well-being. The workshop will begin with a vinyasa practice, followed by a discussion on nourishing your body with more than just food. Leave with a workbook and a healthy granola mix!

-Yoga Squad Lincoln Park