Yoga for Disc Injury


IMG_5450There are many physical benefits of incorporating a yoga class into your routine. I ask my yoga students if they are working with any injuries before class begins. Back problems are the number one complaint I hear. Many people  are confined to a desk. We spend most of our day in a forward motion hunched with our shoulders round and heart closed off, which shuts down our heart chakra. Not only is this preventing us from giving and receiving a little more love in our everyday lives but it also can cause spinal disc problems.

The discs are like little cushions supporting the vertebrae in your spine. Think of your discs like a water balloon. The disc has a firm cartilage outer layer called the annulus fibrosis and a softer inner layer called the nucleus pulposus. The inner “water” can shift and make the disc bulge out as if you were squeezing the water balloon and the water went to one side. If this “balloon” pops, it creates a herniated (or slipped) disc, which can cause pain in an individual.

Some things to think about during your practice if you recently had disc injury:

  • Keep a bend in your knees if you are bending forward past 90 degrees.
  • Avoid seated forward bends.
  • Keep your spine long instead of round.
  • If you feel pain, you should not continue.

Here are a few poses that are good for disc injuries:

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